There was a massive study on racism, and the media only focused on the part about white people

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A highly reputable study released earlier this week sought to discern and reveal what African Americans think about racial discrimination in their daily experiences, only to have its findings hijacked by media reports that focused on the more than half of white Americans who believe they’re victims of racial discrimination.

Researchers affiliated with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University, and the National Public Radio polled 3,453 adults nationwide earlier this year to discern the degree that Americans feel racism affects them personally. The first of their reports, “Discrimination in America: Experiences and Views of African Americans,” was released Tuesday to illustrate black Americans’ personal experiences of racism and discrimination. However, the report made headlines for its few, isolated data points that found more than half of white Americans respondents — 55 percent — believe that they or people like them suffer from racial discrimination. Subsequent reports are scheduled to be released every week or so and highlight responses from samples of Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, whites, men, women, and LGBTQ adults. (This is how the study identifies these communities.)

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