New U.S. Focus on Great Power Conflict and Nuclear Supremacy

Photo: Operation Crossroads (Public Domain)

Recent policy directives raise concerns over new U.S. postures towards great power conflicts and developing “tactical” nuclear weapons, underlining the need for a revival of the U.S. antiwar movement, write Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers.

Following the recent announcement of a new National Defense Strategy that places a greater focus on conflicts with great powers, last week the Pentagon unveiled its Nuclear Posture Review, which announced an escalation of nuclear weapons development. With the NPR describing new U.S. efforts to develop “tactical” nukes, Russia responded by calling the proposals “anti-Russian” and “confrontational.”

The U.S. policy statements come at a time when the United States’ military is engaged in several dangerous conflict areas that could develop into an all-out war, possibly in conflict with China or Russia. It comes at a time when U.S. empire is fading, something the Pentagon also recognizes and the United States is falling behind China economically.

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