The GOP Deficit Scam Will Never Die

Sure, Republicans are only part-time deficit hawks. It’s all part of the plan.

For the last 40 years, Republicans have run as the party of small government and fiscal responsibility. But, after pushing a gigantic, deficit-busting tax bill in November and a gigantic, deficit-busting two-year budget last week, many are pronouncing the days of the fiscally sound, drown-the-government-in-the-bathtub Republican Party to be over.

“It can now be said that Republican lawmakers care about the federal deficit only when they want to use it to bash Democratic presidents,” opined The New York Times editorial board in a searing op-ed. “I’m old enough to remember when the Republican Party was pro-FBI, pro-morality and anti-deficits,” scoffed Max Boot in The Washington Post. In Politico, David Rogers argued that the GOP’s credibility on fiscal issues had eroded with the passage of two bills: “The White House can no longer hide the immense deficits it would create.”

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